Kaufman Enterprises is an award winning McDonald’s franchise that owns and operates 16 McDonald’s restaurants on Long Island. In 1960, the company, founded by Leon Weil and Irv Klein, opened their first restaurant in East Northport, Long Island.  In 1971, after Weil  retired, Irv opened 3 locations bringing the total to 5 restaurants.   In 1977, the company had 7 locations when Jonah Kaufman joined the business as the company’s first Director of Operations and,  in 1980 after Kaufman became an owner/operator, Klein-Kaufman Corp. was formed.  During the 80’s and 90’s, the Klein-Kaufman organization earned numerous Outstanding Restaurant Awards including the prestigious Golden Arch Award for outstanding restaurant operations and contributions to the McDonald’s system.  In addition, both Irv and Jonah achieved national status within McDonald’s, serving as Chairpersons of the Operators National Advertising Fund (“OPNAD”), an important leadership position elected by other franchise operators.

After Irv Klein retired in 1996, Kaufman Enterprises was formed and the organization continued to grow, now operating 12 restaurants.  In 2006, Josh Kaufman joined the company, taking over the responsibilities as the Company’s Director of Operations and currently, is the Chair of N.Y. Region’s PR Committee and the President of the Long Island Owner/Operator’s Association.

Jonah has returned to an operator leadership role, being elected to the operators National Leadership Council (“NLC”).  Each current member of the Kaufman Enterprises senior management team has been with the company for over 35 years.  This is a testament to the commitment to people, growth and reward that is core to the company.

Today, Kaufman Enterprises operates 16 restaurants on Long Island, making them one of the largest McDonald’s organizations in the United States.