Kaufman Enterprises’ Commitment to Responsible Student Employment

At Kaufman Enterprises we are one of the country’s largest employers of young people.  Along with this leadership comes an important responsibility – to see that education and school work are the priorities of school age employees and students and to assure that their job experience compliments, rather than detracts from their education.  We subscribe to the following principles in our company:

Education is a significant priority.  There is no question that, between education and employment, education comes first.  Kaufman Enterprises is committed to helping students balance their part-time work with school.

To assure that education comes first; Kaufman Enterprises provides flexible  working hours and will arrange those hours to accommodate classes, homework responsibilities, and extracurricular activities.  Grades and school attendance should never be compromised by excessive or late working hours.   We are committed to putting limits on the number of evenings students work on school nights, and to adjusting work schedules, or scheduling fewer hours for students who should be spending more time on their studies.

Kaufman Enterprises provides training and skills development, incentives for the best performance, and promotional opportunities within the organization.  We also provide an experience which teaches the importance of responsibility, self-discipline, and superior work.  Like most of McDonald’s top management before them, many of our employees have their first work experience at a McDonald’s restaurant.

Kaufman Enterprises is proud of its compliance with all laws concerning the employment of minors and our continued commitment to policies that are more stringent than legal requirements.  Kaufman Enterprises takes a leadership role in working with parents, educators, and students on education issues. A dialogue and partnership between business, education, parents and students serves everyone’s interest. It results in a better educational and work experience for our students.  It’s the right thing to do.